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Crystal Rush - TYJAM

Crystal Rush


A little Russian bomb like there could be a lot of them in the world X scene, one could think by discovering the superb Crystal Rush. However, this young woman, born in October 1988 in St Petersburg, did not start her career like many of her comrades. Indeed, while she was barely out of her teens, a rainy winter's day gave her some naughty ideas, namely watching porn videos. And while she was starting one, she stumbled upon a commercial, explaining that a director was looking for the next star in the business! Neither one, nor two, here is that the future Crystal Rush embarks on the adventure: simply, not knowing much, she accepts from her first scene to do anal! Far from being put off by this experience, the young Russian, then 23 years old, quickly sees her fame go beyond the borders of her native country: the big leap takes place in Europe, where she becomes a professional actress. Given her dreamlike physique and her angel face, the most prestigious productions jostle to get her to act: obviously, the United States ends up taking an interest in her, because in addition to loving anal sex, she is not afraid to engage in more brutal practices! Having joined the USA since then, Crystal Rush doesn't know any low period: adventurous also in life, she takes advantage of her off days to visit the countries she travels to for work, proving that nothing scares her or almost! To be discovered urgently on Tyjam, for an assured pleasure!