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Amina Danger


Being one of the few Romanian girls who have made a career in the porn world, Amina Danger has this look that doesn't really make any mystery about her relationship with sex. Born in Constanta, Romania, in 1993, the beautiful young woman had no plans to enter the world of porn. Although she worked as a waitress in several restaurants in her hometown, she was not fulfilled in this exhausting and unrewarding job. After much reflection, and through some acquaintances, she decided to try her luck in 2017 in front of the camera. And like many others before her, she is a revelation! Becoming the star to whom all eyes turn, Amina Danger feels that this new path will be much more in line with her desires and ambitions. All the more so as the Romanian girl is the naughty type, and had collected adventures in the private sector, both with men and women ... A few years later, she became a reference in her country, in Europe and even in the USA, and she can offer her superb international pornstar curves to the many directors in the field...

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