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Sienna Day


Who could have said, while young Sienna Day was away at a religious institution for her studies, that a few years later she would become one of the most famous English porn actresses in the porn world? Apparently not many people, if not herself! Born in 1991 in England, Sienna Day started her career as a performer at the age of 22: before that, she had worked as a waitress in various British restaurants, without finding personal fulfilment. Loving sex a lot (she gave her first blowjob when she was barely 15!), the young lady threw herself a challenge that motivated and excited her: to become an actress X. Casting all over England, Sienna easily convinced the directors to film her having sex, considering the energy she puts into her fucking sessions, but also considering her terrifying curves (which she overcame when she had her breasts done) and her British impetuosity! This is the revelation for the young woman, who quickly starts to make a name for herself on the national porn scene: obviously, her performances quickly lead her to join the European and world porn scene, Sienna Day being now a known and recognized rascal by amateurs and professionals alike...