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Lola Bulgari - TYJAM

Lola Bulgari


Lola Bulgari is the kind of woman who is as discreet about her private life as she is slutty in front of the camera. Born in 1995 in Ukraine, this real Eastern bomb has conquered many directors and productions with her angel face and blue eyes, but also and above all with a naughty side that she constantly pushes away. With her dreamlike physique and her superb big tits that you'd swear they're natural (and yet they're not!), Lola Bulgari makes all her fans fantasize, and they can see her throwing herself into terribly hard sessions... For besides being pretty, the lady is not afraid of anything! Sodomy, gang-bang, hardcore sex... everything goes for the beautiful Ukrainian girl, who takes a malicious pleasure to surprise her audience each time a little more. Launched since 2016 in the big bath of X-business, Lola has already made a name for herself in international porn, and we bet she will continue to amaze us for a long time to come...