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Oktavia Milton - TYJAM

Oktavia Milton


It was in 2017 that a new little bombshell from the Russian cold arrived on the international X-scene: Oktavia Milton, 19 years old at the time, was already melting the directors of X-business with her teenage face and her incredibly well built body! And you have to see this beautiful young woman in action: tough and at the same time very professional, Oktavia takes a great pleasure in each of her appearances in front of the camera, whether in soft sequences or more hardcore adventures. Now caught in the game of porn, the young lady follows one shooting after another, which takes her all over Europe: if she remains rather mysterious about her origins and her off-X activity, she changed her nickname several times, as if to cover her tracks... But what won't change is Oktavia Milton's love for filmed sex, something she excels at: let's hope to see and see her pretty face again for many years to come...