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Christen Courtney - TYJAM

Christen Courtney


Athletic, energetic, that's how you might define the beautiful Christen Courtney. Originally from Hungary, the land of European porn, this atomic blonde started her career at just 19 years old: from her first steps on the shooting set, directors were able to realize her incredible sexual energy, but also admire her perfectly sculpted body, it is true during long hours at the gym. Christen is a concentrate of madness in a very cute envelope: her long mane and her wise young woman's face contrast with the fury she can be once in action in front of a camera. She is a skilled sportswoman and enjoys long sessions in the gym, so she is ready for the most intense shooting... And when she's not in a fitness class, Christen Courtney loves to try her hand at jet-skiing in the Hungarian lakes (with success, by the way), or just skiing on the slopes in the surrounding mountains! Her lifestyle will clearly lead her far in this environment, especially as the young lady very quickly converted to the hardest practices: it is not rare to see her on a set in acrobatic positions, with several cocks in all her orifices! Her smile having an incredible effect on the people around her, who could blame her?