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Kiara Night - TYJAM

Kiara Night


One more rascal in the long list of X actresses from the East, and more precisely from Russia! Born in 1989 in Siberia, Kiara Night was a student, often with good grades, who did everything to perfection or almost: her future seemed to be mapped out, and yet... Indeed, she herself explains that she was quickly attracted to boys from the beginning of her adolescence: at the age of 16, the young lady offered her virginity to her first great love! If this was not necessarily very conclusive for her, the one who was not yet Kiara Night decided to do as she had always done, namely to give her all to make things perfect! And when she came of age, the young Russian girl already had a full sexual experience, and knew her body very well, but also the ways to give pleasure to others. Like many young women, Kiara also watched porn, for her own pleasure but also for inspiration: the idea of participating in a film shoot was becoming a completely natural thing, and she started to get into the porn business at the age of 27. Obviously, it was like a revelation for the beautiful Russian, who found there a sure way to satisfy her libido and her deepest desires. Not afraid to participate in the most hardcore gang-bangs, Kiara Night has since made her way in the X-business, to become an actress you can count on: the producers and directors know that she will always be at her best, and that there will never be any bad surprise with this "good student" of X. As for hobbies, Kiara Night explains that she loves camping and reading, but also dreams, after the end of her career as a porn actress, of joining the heat of the South of France or Italy to make her own wine!