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Vika Lita - TYJAM

Vika Lita


Once is not customary, it is Ukraine that provides us with a beautiful and very naughty young woman: Vika Lita, that's her stage name, started her career in X in 2015, when she was only 19 years old. Her first steps being obviously to play the role of a young woman on the verge of majority, shy and discovering the world of sex, the rest is very different. Indeed, Vika soon evolved in her character, and now projects herself in a costume much harder, but still fits like a glove. Because now, the beautiful and slender lady likes to participate in BDSM videos for BDSM productions, and regularly pushes her limits thanks to her will to please her fans, but also those who discover her! Yet, we wouldn't believe that her pretty face could endure so much suffering and perversity... To be discovered urgently on TYJAM!