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Lola Shine - TYJAM

Lola Shine


The question you ask yourself when you first see the beautiful Lola Shine is how does she manage to take in so many cocks when she has a rather slender physique? Born in 1991, this beautiful Russian with a volcanic temperament doesn't hide her "bad-girl" side. Sometimes blonde with wise airs, sometimes with short hair as if to show that she doesn't give a damn about the usual social codes... If her appearance changes, what doesn't move is her taste for hardcore, which she has been admiring since 2015 on film sets all over Europe. Now with a solid reputation behind her, Lola Shine, who has often used several nicknames, shines brightly in the videos where she appears. And if her physique makes her easily recognizable, she will surprise her fans for a long time to come, who will never stop seeing her push her limits, and above all take total pleasure on the film sets!