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Georgie Lyall - TYJAM

Georgie Lyall


A pure wonder straight from Great Britain: Georgie Lyall is a superb Scottish girl with an innate talent for sex. The first time we were able to admire her incredible plastic was in 2013: as a stripper in a club in Portugal at the time, she decided to take the plunge, with the help of her now ex-husband, into the world of porn. Already well experienced, she has been making sparks fly since her first steps in the game: it must be said that her blonde bimbo side with blue eyes and more than generous natural breasts has assets that work in her favour. Everything accelerated a few months later, when she was contacted by internationally renowned productions, particularly in the USA: her entry into the North American market gave a huge boost to her career, and the beautiful Georgie Lyall made a name for herself in the X-business. Her luscious lips and sodomy ass no longer go unnoticed in the world of international porn, so much so that the blonde has been nominated for a number of X-business awards nights. Now single, Georgie has no intention of finding a soul mate, preferring to continue to enjoy this profession that was made for her. A sportswoman at heart, she continues to practise extreme sports whenever she has the opportunity to do so, and these are perfectly suited to her state of mind: between paragliding and scuba diving, Georgie Lyall has something to quench her thirst for thrills! It's clear that the pulpy blonde from Glasgow will continue to provide us with a lot of excitement every time she appears on our screens, in a role of Milf that suits her perfectly. And here's a little anecdote about her stage name: if she chose "Georgie" as her first name, it's simply in homage to a 70-year-old woman she met and found more glamorous than ever...