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Alex Harper


A porn actress may have been raised in a rather traditional family and yet successfully enter the world of adult entertainment: Alex Harper is a perfect example. Born in 1993, and having started in the world of X-business at the age of 22, this young woman was obviously predestined to become a naughty movie actress. A tennis fanatic and swearing only by this sport during her youth (a practice she continues to cherish as much as her schedule allows), Alex Harper lost her virginity at the age of... 14! Although he enjoyed the experience, his family circle and the rules that followed prevented him from giving free rein to his desires, and this for five long years. But as she grew up, this pretty girl from Missouri, USA, was spotted for her curves, so much so that she even began to be regularly solicited as a photo model. Although she did not take part in fashion shows, her height (1.70m) and elegance gave her a bright future in this field: fortunately, for X lovers, it was quite different. One thing leading to another, Alex Harper took more and more pleasure in taking charming photos, then nude photos, before switching to the adult world, first with videos of herself, then with other women. Because yes, the young lady loves spending time with girls, and has been an assertive bisexual since she was old enough to fuck. Unlike many of her sisters in the business, Alex hasn't opted to go all over the place with multiple shoots: preferring more sporadic videos, she likes to reveal niche content, such as with other women or just anal. As for her private life, the woman who started a career in porn in 2015 admits she has a weakness for men older than her, and doesn't hide her cooking skills in particular... As for her off-camera sex life, the beautiful Alex Harper is a real fucking machine, loving practices much harder than she can do on a movie set! A real gem to discover right now on Tyjam...

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