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Aletta Black


At first glance, when you see the beautiful and very elegant Aletta Black, you can't believe she's a porn star. A young woman's face in her late teens, small in size and weight, and above all incredibly bewitching deep blue eyes? And yet... Born in 1998 in Russia, Aletta Black started porn in 2019, at only 21 years old: although she admits to love long foreplay and smooth, voluptuous sex, she has quickly evolved her palette to become a true performer who doesn't shy away from it! Indeed, by dint of shootings and a necessarily growing experience, the young lady has become the queen of anal, and can now handle practices as hard as double penetrations, despite the fact that her orifices are still as small as ever... Very flexible like a gymnast, Aletta Black is one of those naughty girls that we love to fuck in all positions, even the most improbable! And there's not too much to force, considering her mischievous look which always asks for strong sensations...