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Kessie Shy


An incomparable class, the physique of a goddess and a gluttony to fall... Kessie Shy is the incarnation of lust in a body of madness, but also and above all a taste for extreme performance that it is good to underline. Originally from Russia, Kessie Shy started her career in 2016, like many others, namely gently. But the ambition of the young woman having no limits, she then launches into the great bath of X with the desire to make a name for herself: from shootings to shootings, she tries more and more things, and discovers a gift for extreme practices. A true athlete with her 1.73 meters, her elastic orifices can easily withstand the worst assaults, and it's not uncommon to see her facing several men with big assets with a big smile... Kessie Shy has since moved to America, where she can continue to develop her career and participate in increasingly exotic videos: niche content is now part of her panoply, such as gang-bangs, double or triple penetration, or even games with gigantic sextoys...

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