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Lina Luxa - TYJAM

Lina Luxa


Tall, a wasp waist, and endless legs: Lina Luxa could have easily become a model, but preferred to choose a more naughty path? At the age of 18, when she started studying business, the beautiful young woman had a revelation when she broke up with her boyfriend at the time. Indeed, she feels that it's time for her to have fun, and especially to have a whole bunch of diverse and varied sexual experiences! Quickly, the slender lady decides to show her physical assets in front of a camera, for the result that we know: after some tests that can be described as fruitful, here is that she arrives in force in the field of X first French, then quickly international! And this beautiful rascal, born in 1999 in Clamart, near Paris, doesn't intend to stop there: the red color she loves so much gives a strong clue to her temperament... From soft and rather "classic" scenes to the most hardcore, Lina Luxa doesn't want to miss anything and does her utmost to live up to the different productions she works for. Exhibitionist and obviously very naughty, she has a physique that does not go unnoticed on the film sets: indeed, she is often at least as tall as her partners in charge of taking care of her! But with her smile and her mischievous side, it is clear that not many people, or even nobody, will be able to resist her for long...