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Sofia Curly


The doors of pleasure for Sofia Curly opened when she moved to Prague in 2018. Previously, this young woman with terribly exciting curves enjoyed a very classical life in Minsk, Belarus, where she is originally from. Although the young lady had graduated as a psychologist and even practiced in the country's capital, her deepest desires were not often satisfied. Because Sofia Curly is a real powerhouse when it comes to sex! As she explains herself, she needs her dose of orgasm every day, and that's why her reconversion as a porn actress was quite natural. Now well-established in international porn, the Belarusian woman shows her ambitions and takes advantage of a perfect physique to trigger the fantasies in all the men who watch her. A very round ass, perfect natural big tits and a young premiere face make her a real atomic bomb and the queen to whom all eyes turn on the sets. If Sofia is now very comfortable in front of the camera, her debut was rather difficult: despite a lot of personal experience, she couldn't let go of the horses and show what she was made of. Of course, with time, Sofia Curly overcame her fears and now offers an incredible show every time she's on a set: whether it's with a woman, one or more men or even in very intense BDSM sessions, the beauty of the East always finds its place. However, the weird thing is that this naughty girl born in 1989 still hasn't confessed to her parents what she was doing! But she doesn't intend to stay in the porn world forever, and wants to go back to her psychologist job once she's totally in the business...