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Madison McQueen - TYJAM

Madison McQueen


Although her nickname might suggest that she is from the land of Uncle Sam, Madison McQueen comes to us from Russia, and more precisely from St. Petersburg. Born in July 1991, the beautiful blonde arrived late in the X, crossing the threshold only in 2019, at the age of 28. However, it was not a debutante who made her debut in front of the camera: indeed, Madison McQueen had already created a great notoriety by her terribly naughty webcam shows! So it took a while before she was admired on a set, but it was well worth it! Madison is a body of madness, sculpted thanks to the fitness rooms, but also a very feminine side which allowed her to make incredibly sensual videos with other women... Taking great care of her body, between very regular visits for her nails and relaxing sessions in spas, the Russian also has lots of ideas for the rest of her career. Big fan of horror movies and this universe apart, she would love to shoot a porn version of these videos that are already for adults... A whole program!