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Taylor Sands - TYJAM

Taylor Sands


2014 saw the arrival of a new little bomb from a country that is not necessarily the most accustomed to revealing sex bombs capable of enduring the worst perversions, namely the Netherlands. At the age of 22, Taylor Sands made her debut in the world of adult entertainment, with the obvious desire to become a recognized star and regularly solicited by European and world productions. Her naturalness immediately set the tone: the young lady, who looks very young, has obviously followed the videos where she plays a teenager in need of cocks, and who loves to have fun with men older than her... Like many others before her, Taylor Sands got off to a smooth start, with softcore scenes, alone or surrounded by other women for example. Once her confidence was built up, the beautiful rascal then changed gears and embarked on much harder adventures, discovering in particular the sensations procured by anal fucking! Since then, Taylor has never stopped revealing herself in front of the cameras of productions all over the world, to the delight of her fans, in the Netherlands or elsewhere!