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Mea Melone


Mea Melone, born in 1989, has always had a different life path from that of her male and female counterparts. When she was younger, while still living with her parents in Decin, Czech Republic, she was a teenager who preferred to stay with the horses rather than party in the city. Although her parents always had a lot of attention for her, Mea still wanted to live the way she wanted to live, and experience the things she wanted to experience. After graduating from school, the girl who was not yet a successful porn actress, decided to enter the working world by taking turns waiting tables in a café and then opening a nail salon with one of her friends, still in the town where she was born. But how did Mea, who defines her previous life as "boring and uninteresting", get into the world of porn? Like many others, starting with charming photos: her good looks and big blue eyes obviously quickly made the rounds of professional photographers, but also and above all of adult entertainment agencies and producers. Of course, a proposal to shoot an X-scene quickly arrives on the table, and Mea Melone doesn't hesitate to embark on this new adventure with a mixture of enthusiasm and anxiety. If she starts out softly, she nevertheless takes her marks very quickly and follows the shootings, but also the hard practices, like the double penetration, which she tries at the end of her fifth scene only! But what marks the producers is above all her natural suppleness and impetuosity, which wreaks havoc wherever she goes... Loving sports, especially skiing, Mea Melone admits that she prefers snowy slopes to heavenly beaches. And as a good patriot, she is also an ardent supporter of the Czech Republic's ice hockey team! Finally, to finish with the picture of the superb Mea, and to prove once again that she does nothing like the others, the actress has also started producing content, creating her own eponymous production company...