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Angel Wicky


Beware, we're going to evoke here one of the superstars of the European and world X world, the beautiful, the sublime, the ultra sexy Angel Wicky! Reference in adult entertainment since almost its debut in 2009, her curves and natural blond hair never cease to delight all her fans, and more generally porn lovers. Especially since Angel had not necessarily chosen this path at the beginning: a fan of singing and theater, this beautiful Czech, born in Brno, had started studying to work in the field. But another destiny was waiting for her around the corner: barely 18 years old, the one who is not yet Angel Wicky tries her hand at charming pictures, with obviously a dazzling success. It must be said that her physique, and especially her breasts (which she has made grow since then through an operation), quickly convince photographers, but also porn producers in the Czech Republic. Thus, she made her debut on the film sets in 2009, on tiptoe as often for beginners. But very quickly, her assets make her the muse of several productions, who are fighting to see her do somersaults in front of their cameras! And as she appears on sets, Angel Wicky is becoming more and more successful, as is her fan base, which keeps on growing. The supreme award comes in 2014, in May to be precise, when the pulpy blonde is chosen to be on the cover of the Czech version of Playboy: for the record, only 20 porn actresses have had this honour in the history of the naughty magazine! But Angel Wicky is also an exceptional businesswoman: using her theatre skills, she has built up a character over the years in porn, and has also tried - and succeeded - in her conversion as a director. Finally, as a sign that she keeps her feet on the ground despite her success in the industry, she is known for giving a lot of (good) advice to new girls who enter porn, like a big sister who only wants to do good...

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