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Antonia Sainz - TYJAM

Antonia Sainz


Behind her smile and her dream body, hides a young lady in love with sex and the pleasures that go with it. Antonia Sainz, as her name doesn't indicate, is originally from the Czech Republic, and more specifically from Prague, where she lives. Far from having always wanted to make a naughty film like many of her female colleagues in the field, Antonia first saw herself as a professional ballet dancer: although she has kept her rigour from these long years of practice, she is above all showing off the flexibility she has acquired during her many work sessions. But that's not all: having studied in the world of finance, Antonia Sainz began working as a freelance financial advisor, before looking for a more stable position. Then her life changed: she stumbled upon an ad for a photo shoot and decided to try her luck, and considering her looks, she went through the casting phase without a hitch, as a matter of course. The next step is classic: the producers in the business, aware of this newcomer with a generous and natural chest, all want to have her in front of the camera, so it's 2015. The success story doesn't stop there, and Antonia Sainz, who will have multiplied her pseudonyms over time, continues to make her mark in the business, with her good mood and her characteristic smile!