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Elizabeth Romanova - TYJAM

Elizabeth Romanova


A crazy class, a seductive smile and an incredibly attractive physique: Princess Elizabeth Romanova, born in 1993, had everything to succeed in the world of X-business! Born in Poland and with Russian origins, the beautiful Elizabeth has always dreamed of letting her deep personality express itself, and at the same time her hidden sexual impulses. Indeed, if she hasn't shot a lot of videos although she is in great demand by international productions, she has already done a lot of personal shoots with a sextape sauce. It must be said that her diabolical ass, as well as her big tits give her a considerable advantage in terms of seduction of the spectator who watches her having fun in front of the camera ... But also, Elizabeth Romanova is an assumed greedy and a confirmed bisexual, which leaves thousands of possibilities for her to show what she is capable of! Finally, just for information, her nickname Elizabeth Romanova comes from a Russian noble family who lived at the beginning of the 20th century, just that!