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Elen Million - TYJAM

Elen Million


It's hard to believe that the beautiful Elen Million has so many years of career behind her, and yet ... Born in 1978 in Russia, the young woman waited until she was 26 years old to decide to start a career in porn. The trigger was in 2004, when she decided to try a new experience following the proposal of a casting director to reveal her incredible curves in front of the camera in a test session that will prove decisive for the rest of her life. Although she takes great pleasure in this premiere, she doesn't see herself totally embarking on this adventure and making it her profession. Simply, like many young women in her case, the pill unfortunately does not go down well with her family and friends: determined to give it a try and make a living out of it, the one who is not yet Elen Million ignores the opinion of her family and friends and accepts her first contracts as an actress X! Rarely rejecting a filming proposal and also liking to try new experiences on diverse and varied themes, Elen Million is one of those actresses who can be counted on, professional in all circumstances and endowed with a chiseled physique that she maintains conscientiously...