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Stacy Bloom - TYJAM

Stacy Bloom


A new little gem that comes to us from Russia, but which has some exotic roots: Stacy Bloom, born in 1992, started X at only 26 years old, in 2018, after having taken some time to think about it. Indeed, the lady with the perfect curves decided, after high school, to start studying ecology, but quickly abandoned her studies, preferring to devote herself to another activity, much sexier this one. For if the beautiful Stacy has always danced a lot from a very young age, her perfect and very natural physique, coupled with a face and hair that she got from one of her grandfathers who himself had roots in the Ivory Coast, has been spotted by professional photographers. Although she began a career as a photo model at only 16 years old, she never really gave up this activity, and even started doing artistic and erotic nudes at 18 years old. From then on, she roamed the catwalks of Russian nightclubs where she showed off her dreamlike physique, working in numerous sessions in gyms and yoga salons for a few years. The adventure of porn starts when she reaches 26 years old: sure of her choice, Stacy Bloom explodes from her first steps in the business, quickly becoming the darling of many productions for which she works. As naughty as she is charismatic, Stacy launches herself into her career as a professional porn actress, and knows no limits, like one of her tattoos, written in French: "Ma limite, c'est l'espace" (My limit is space)! Although her work takes up a lot of her time, the young woman does not hesitate to go back to the clubs to dance until the end of the night, when she does not take time to watch old black and white films, to go to the theater or to write erotic stories that come out of her overflowing imagination. Having a lot of projects in and out of porn, we can safely say that we will see Stacy Bloom for a long time to come in the adult entertainment business...