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Lilu Moon


Originally from Russia, and the very cold Siberia to be exact, Lilu Moon was not really programmed to become an X star, at least not in such a short time. Having given up her studies very quickly to work and earn a living, she worked as a beautician and manicurist for no less than 17 years! Tired of taking care of others and wanting to change her life, she found her new path during a sulfurous party she attended with a friend. Indeed, if she spent a lot of time taking care of her clients' nails, it didn't stop her from thinking and practicing sex at all! And from her first steps, her natural beauty and her endless appetite took such a toll in front of the camera that she became a real star in just one short year, being in demand by all the directors in the field. Very sporty and with a very strict lifestyle, Lilu Moon always keeps a shy and natural side that still makes an impression despite her status as Milf. Passionate about sex, she also has a love for nature, she grew up in a small town stuck in the heart of Siberia ...

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