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Katrin Tequila - TYJAM

Katrin Tequila


Another young Russian woman who turns heads and makes porn fans sweat! Katrin Tequila is from Omsk, where she was born in 1991. She started her career in 2016, where her first steps are quickly noticed because of the feeling she gives of being very comfortable in the most total debauchery. And the directors who work with her are not mistaken: Katrin Tequila is a sex maniac who is not afraid to indulge in hardcore practices, each one more hardcore than the other! Yet, by looking at her angel face, one could not suspect that the beautiful Russian girl is so dirty: you only have to look at the number of scenes she has shot since her beginnings to understand that she is the kind of girl who has a big sexual appetite worthy of the best professionals in the business! Obviously, Russia and Europe were too small for her immense talent, and Katrin decided to cross the Atlantic to join the mecca of world porn, the United States. Making the rounds of the most famous productions, she reinforces her image and notoriety, which is why she has been called very regularly since then to tour again and again. Loving to travel a lot, Katrin Tequila is a ski and snowboard fondue, even if she never spits on basking in the sun on heavenly beaches...