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Yasmin Scott - TYJAM

Yasmin Scott


Australian bombshell born in 1982, the superb Yasmin Scott had a clear path to a quiet and classic life. Gifted at school and very studious, she followed a curriculum that allowed her to open the doors of the Australian government as soon as she graduated! Moreover, she regularly practices athletics and swimming, sports that give her a chiseled physique that she still maintains assiduously today. Simply, her strong character and her taste for the world of eroticism push her to become a dancer in a club in the evening after her work. As time goes by, the young woman realizes that it is difficult to reconcile her two activities, because she joins her day job directly after her night session in a club! She then decides to give up her job in the government, which she finds far too boring for her taste, to enter this new world of striptease and photography for good: she even finds herself on the front page of the Australian Penthouse magazine twice! The turning point will come when she sees one of her pole-dancing partners try the adventure of an X shoot. Her choice is made, she will also be part of the adventure! It is then the revelation for the Australian bomb, who is naturally spotted by her goddess physique and her fiery temperament. Very quickly, she decides to leave her native country to rub shoulders with the best in Europe and the United States: it is now 2015, and her rise will be dazzling following this radical choice. Having become a real business star, the beautiful Australian has not forgotten where she comes from, and has already prepared for the future by becoming a coach. Of course, her career is obviously not over yet, and the beautiful Yasmin Scott will certainly still have a lot of things to show us...