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Kira Roller - TYJAM

Kira Roller


Defining herself as a "nerd" or "geek", Kira Roller plunges us into her very particular world at each of her appearances. Adept of the "emo" world, the young woman, who continued her studies despite her beginnings in X, has a look and a mentality apart in the X-business. Born in 1993 in Russia, she started, like many others before her, with a few photo shoots, climbing the ladder to participate in shootings where she exposed herself completely naked. At the age of 18, she decided to take the plunge and try her luck as a photo model, something that already thrilled her when she was in high school. Having become a well-known model, she is not afraid of the adult entertainment world, so much so that she carries her pretty face and teenage body in front of her webcam. After making a name for herself and earning money with her looks, she decides to try her luck in hardcore porn. And right from the start, she shows incredible adaptability, always keeping a smile intact on every shoot, as well as a communicative joie de vivre. From then on, it is success for the one who takes the pseudonym of Kira Roller: the shootings follow one after the other, and the productions solicit her one after the other. Practicing the sapphic and sensual sex as the most intense hard, she always stands out with her look and her world of her own. Moreover, in her free time, she continues to develop her image by creating typical music or by exchanging with more and more fans on social networks...