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Donna Bell


She belongs to that category of young women who have a crazy class in addition to being real atomic bombs! Donna Bell is the kind of young lady who does wonders in the porn industry, so much her physique, her face and especially her sexual appetite are irresistible! Born in 1988 in Constanta, Romania, the young woman took her first steps in the world of adult entertainment when she was barely 18 years old in 2006! Only, she disappears somewhat from the radar for a while, before reappearing with new breasts and tenfold motivation after this surgery! Being able to be as sensual as unleashed surrounded by several men, Donna Bell then starts a new career, and aspires to the status of the most requested naughty girl by international productions! The beautiful blonde then builds herself a reputation worthy of her talent in front of the camera, and will certainly continue to embody the absolute fantasy for many years to come...

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