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Angelika Grays - TYJAM

Angelika Grays


Pure beauty and a body sculpted in gyms: it's hard to find flaws in the sublime Angelika Grays! Originally from Ukraine, this blonde with fabulous blue eyes didn't have the destiny of becoming a recognized porn actress. Having studied, she almost became an English and Spanish translator, but preferred to take a different path which will certainly have been more successful for her! Not necessarily the most successful in her personal love stories, the one who was not yet Angelika Grays decided, in 2018, to accept a rather special offer for a young woman, namely to shoot in a porn movie. It was then a revelation for the 26 year old girl, who decided to try her luck in this field. And with her taste for sex and an angel's face, it was clear that she would soon become a reference among the different actors in the business, who are now all tearing it up! If she is not completely sure to continue for a long time in the X, she takes advantage of the benefits provided such as the many trips or meetings she can do ...