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Kiara Lord - TYJAM

Kiara Lord


The beautiful Kiara Lord is one of those young women who have always had a penchant for sex and its pleasures, and who have especially dared to try their hand at this adult environment. Kiara, born in 1992 in Budapest, Hungary, is a Hungarian beauty who didn't necessarily take the path of X at an early age. Indeed, the young lady first wanted to start a "classical" career, by starting medical studies at the renowned Semmelweis University in Budapest. But just as she had just celebrated her 21st birthday, the young woman was noticed for her beauty by model agencies, specialized in X actresses. Impetuous and adventurous, she then decided to try the experience, while not giving up her university studies at first. Delighted with her first steps, she will wait a few years before launching herself completely as an actress X, it is true helped by the fact that the capital of Hungary is the central point of international porn. Since then, it has been a huge success, and the one who took Kiara Lord as her pseudonym has been filming a lot and enjoys recognition from her peers, not only for her beauty but also for her physical abilities...