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Kattie Gold - TYJAM

Kattie Gold


A love for sex which does not deny itself, a charisma and a contagious dynamism: in short, to see the beautiful Kattie Gold at work, it is the insurance to have at the end a scene of madness where the beautiful one will have put all her soul so that the result is with the height of its waitings! Born in 1990 in the Czech Republic, the beautiful Kattie Gold did not wait long after celebrating her 18 years to integrate the world of X. Indeed, since 2008, we can see her in the world of X. Indeed, since 2008, we found her on the sets of X movies, and we discovered a young woman thirsty for carnal pleasures, whether with men or women. Of course, her smile, her big natural breasts and her perfect little ass for intense sodomy sessions became a must on the X-business scene. Always so pretty and enthusiastic, Kattie Gold has no equal to transmit various emotions as soon as she appears on a screen, even if we feel that she has nevertheless a small weakness for the sapphic relations...