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Barra Brass - TYJAM

Barra Brass


From the very beginning of her career in the world of pornography, the one who was to become known worldwide by fans of adult entertainment under the pseudonym of Barra Brass did nothing like the others. Originally from the Czech Republic, this beautiful blonde with a typical Eastern European physique conquered the cameras in roles of... milf, when she was barely 26 years old! The bottle doesn't matter, as long as you get drunk, and Barra has understood this well. After leaving her job as a waitress, she started in the X-business first for fun and curiosity, before realizing that the environment and the atmosphere suit her particularly well. Seizing opportunities one after the other, the atomic blonde flies all over Europe and turns around, before obviously joining the Mecca of the world porn, namely the United States. There, her charisma, her beauty and especially her limits that she pushes unceasingly make of her the darling of the producers, who tear off her to see until where she is able to go. Leaving no one indifferent, Barra Brass has become a reference for those who are starting out in the world of porn, and who can easily refer to her rather incredible career...