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Carolina Vogue


In 1992, in the heart of Russia, the beautiful Carolina Vogue was born. With her fantastic blue eyes, her angelic face and her model's physique, she has everything to please and to melt the looks around her. In her native country, the opportunities to have fun are legion, and the beautiful young woman who is then 22 years old knows it very well. Seeing the proposals to try porn multiply, the young lady decides, after a period of reflection, to try the adventure: we are then in 2014, and the revelation of her life of young adult has just taken place. Very quickly, her curves and her look so typical of this great country of the East make devastation, more especially as the beautiful one shows faculties for the very natural sex. Inevitably, the demand is raging, and Carolina Vogue then launches 100% in this career, where she admires not only her physical, but also her ability to be able to link the shootings with all types of partners. Always in activity, the Russian has not finished to make heads turn, and has a lot of fun with it...

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