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Polly Pons


An Asian naughty girl as few do, and who has changed a lot since her debut in front of the cameras: here is the beautiful Polly Pons! Born in 1991 in Thailand, the young woman has a rich heritage, which separates between the Far East and the West. Indeed, she also has French roots, especially in Paris where she grew up for many years. If she was quite shy during her teenage years, Polly has evolved and has even taken the step to go and compete with pornographic professionals after having spent three beautiful years as a model for sexy and erotic photos. Obviously, her assets and her face have quickly made emulators, as well as her capacity to take long sequences of anal which always give her an immeasurable pleasure. Passionate about her job, she quickly built a good reputation and is regularly called all over Europe (for the moment) to demonstrate her qualities in terms of sex. And in view of her intact motivation in spite of the years, we bet that it will still last some time...

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