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Nelly Kent - TYJAM

Nelly Kent


A total self-confidence but a simplicity outside the film sets make the sublime Nelly Kent a golden woman who knows exactly what she wants in the porn industry. As one of the long list of sex bombs from Romania, Nelly was not predestined to become a world-renowned porn actress. Her family and her strict education, the young woman had to wait to take off for her studies on the side of Bucharest before she could lose her virginity and later enjoy the pleasures of sex! However, not everything went as planned for the young lady, who had to do a series of odd jobs to pay the bills. After having been employed as a writer in a music magazine and then as a marketing agent, Nelly Kent launched herself as a webcam model. Seeing her finances greatly improve thanks to the adult entertainment business, she decided to abandon her studies to enter the porn industry, where she quickly made sparks fly thanks to her dream physique and her perfect face. Since then, it is the success that follows the course of the young woman, who knew how to make a place for herself in the world of porn, thanks to her endurance and professionalism. A success punctuated by numerous nominations to the biggest events of the X planet, which give even more magnitude to his personal investment for his job ...