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Cassie Del Isla - TYJAM

Cassie Del Isla


A bombshell straight from Reunion Island, a small island located on the east coast of Africa, off the coast of Madagascar. Cassie del Isla enjoyed the sun and the environment during her childhood, but decided to leave her favorite island to settle in Toulouse to start her studies. Juggling two jobs, one as a waitress in a fast-food restaurant and the other as a stripper, Cassie continued to attend classes as best she could. But the most radical change in her life would come when she met Dorian del Isla, the owner of the strip club where she worked: the chemistry between the two was immediate, so much so that they ended up getting married in 2015! Their adventure in the X, the lovebirds start it in 2016 thanks to Jacquie and Michel, who had sniffed their unique potential. Since then, Cassie del Isla and her husband Dorian del Isla continue their road in the world of adult entertainment, and are internationally recognized! While one is inseparable from the other in the minds of their fans, each can go their own way without hindering the other. A story that is not ready to stop, considering the appetite of the couple to shoot and to realize the most beautiful performances in front of the cameras...

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