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Valentina Bianco - TYJAM

Valentina Bianco


A double face rather unusual for an X-actress, but which makes all its charm! The beautiful Valentina Bianco has fire in her when she is on a film set, but completely transforms herself when she leaves it. Indeed, she admits without shame that she doesn't have a very exciting life outside of porn, and that she prefers to stay at home or to go for long walks rather than to have debauchery parties! Originally from Naples, this Italian girl with the typical physique of this region started her career in adult entertainment in 2013, after finishing her studies in luxury jewelry. If she didn't have a very developed sexuality, her first experience completely changed her, especially when she discovered the pleasures of anal! From then on, the Transalpine was launched on the roads of the perdition, and made a name for herself thanks to her incredible capacities in the matter. Today in Spain, Valentina Bianco takes advantage of her life of star of the X, and tries even to practices more and more hard, in the image of the BDSM which often puts her in trance...