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April Paisley - TYJAM

April Paisley


England sticks to the skin of the pretty April Paisley! Originally from the British Isle and born in the capital, London, in 1992, this explosive young blonde woman has always known how to make the most of this hot temperament that suits her so well. But before starting a fruitful career in the X, the young lady started as a stripper and dancer, which gives her a flexibility as well as a wonderfully sculpted body. It's not an insult to her to say that she is a real nymphomaniac, and that she loves sex. Indeed, she claims loud and clear that she fucks up to four times a day on average! It must be said that her taste for men as well as for women helps her a lot to find play partners, who are delighted to enjoy such a dirty girl. Having been in a relationship with both genders, April now likes to involve her man in her delusions, taking care to find a woman to engage in crazy threesomes... If she likes to cook or to make photography apart from the sets of shooting, it does not prevent that her first passion remains the pleasure of the flesh...

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