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Rachele - TYJAM



If you want to start a career in the porn industry, ask Rachele Richey ! This voluptuous american beauty, from Texas, has always been a naughty girl who loved to seduce the boys around her, even when she was in middle school. It’s at that time she discovered porn, because her parents had the « chance » to have the Playboy TV : she was indeed watching movies with her friends when they weren’t at home ! Fascinated by the image of the porn actresses, and by their confidence to themselves, she started to think about making a career in this special world. The key was given to her thank to a friend of her who was knowing Brooke Haven, a porn actress : with her audacity and her curves, the doors were quickly open to her ! Then, this porn queen became a real star into the industry, and she is now a real professional of deepthroat : she shot a lot of scenes, in the USA and, more rare, in Europe, with famous french performers as Ian Scott or Mike Angelo for example. Very connected on her social networks, Rachele replies to all her fans, and hope to offer hem a sexshop brand one day…