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Aubrey - TYJAM



What a ride Aubrey Black's had! Born in New Zealand, what became one of the X stars in the role of the MILF joined Australia when she was just a teenager. Raised in a Mormon family, Aubrey had no predisposition to become the performer she has become since 2017. Indeed, beyond her rather strict upbringing, she finds herself as a single mother of two children, whom she has to take care of on her own. Having then joined the United States to work as a photographer and graphic designer, mother and daughter find a balance, the latter accompanying the former on her photo shoots. However, her daughter decided to move in with her boyfriend at the time, leaving her mother alone to organize her business. But in her misfortune, an event will one day change Aubrey's life, and especially her way of seeing things. It is during a photo shoot with escorts that she meets the world of adult business for the first time: one of them explains to her that she earns a lot of money for little time spent in the company of men who are often rich. This is a revelation for the mother, who realizes that she could use her body as a former champion to earn a much better living. She then embarked on a new career as an escort, and began to earn a lot of money, which made her life easier. Especially since she uses her background in marketing and graphic design to create a real brand and image that will help her considerably later on. And in 2017, after a long career in the world of escorting, Aubrey decides to give in to the sirens of porn, she who has developed a taste for sex: obviously, her aura will have wreaked havoc with performers, directors and productions, who will take it away from her. Being already in the United States, the New Zealander has no trouble making her place among more experienced actresses, playing to the fullest the role of MILF that suits her so well. Beginning like many with soft videos, she constantly exceeds her limits as she progresses in the world of porn. Especially since she has understood the importance of being present on social networks, and of maintaining her body with an irreproachable lifestyle to last as long as possible in the field: but where will Aubrey Black stop?