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Alessandra - TYJAM



At first, Alessandra Jane had several ambitions about her professional career. Being a psychologist, linguist or maybe an economist was her idea we she talked about the job she wanted to choose. But everything has changed, an rather in an unusual way : this beautiful 25 years old russian girl has finally become a pornstar, and found her audience in this industry. However, she didn’t leave her passions out of porn, and it’s not rare to see her doing different things not in relation with the X world. And what’s more interesting about this Russian hottie is that she considers herself as a real bisexual girl : as proof, she started her career by shooting masturbation or lesbian videos. Hedonist, Alessandra Jane is also an activist, fighting for the equality between men and women, and she loves to cover her tracks by often changing her pseudo, so you don’t really know how many movies she shot in…

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