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Amira - TYJAM



You may mistaken the first time you see Amirah Adara : starting by her pseudo, which means in arabic « Virgin Princess » because of her tanned skin, you may think that she’s an exotic girl from an Arab country. But not at all ! This stunning 27 years old girl was born in Hungary, and more precisely in Budapest. She started her career quite early, when she was only 19 : during her first year on the industry, she shot at least 15 scenes, which was quite impressive for a newcomer! We must say that her body is more than hot, her round ass calls to all perversities, and she discovered herself a speciality, as she is the queen of oral sex. If she stays a « normal » girl, as she loves to relax and doing nothing during her days off, watching Netflix or hanging with her friends, it’s very different when the camera turns on. And something that drives us crazy is she’s not a huge fan of fitness as a lot of pornstars : her past of skier and snowboarder shaped enough her body so she doesn’t have to go to the gym 2 or 3 hours a day. This natural hottie repeated several times that she doesn’t want to get a bigger breast, even if some of the professionals told her that she would become more and more popular : that’s fortunate, we prefer to see her natural !