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Marina Bombay - TYJAM

Marina Bombay


Only one short year in the business, and yet Marina Maya is already a superstar that all producers and directors are fighting for. It must be said that her look, her face and her body are out of the ordinary, and make this young lady with Indian origins one of the attractions of the European and world X scene! All the more so as this real atomic bomb has a very full head: passionate about art and photography, she spends a lot of time thinking about something else than porn, proof of her distance and her desire to last in this business. Of course, she also loves fashion, and knows how to enhance herself thanks to cleverly chosen outfits, which bring out her beautiful eyes and especially her crazy buttocks. An English nugget that will not fail to sparkle in front of the camera, to the delight of her (already) numerous fans: all the more so as Marina loves black males with generous assets, and has a proven penchant for doggy style, which allows you to admire her curves in the best possible way! As a proof, Brazzers has already decided to melt on the girl's profile, making her turn very quickly and bringing her at the same time a great notoriety!