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Miss Honour May - TYJAM

Miss Honour May


Entering the business in 2015 when she was only 20 years old, Honour May quickly learned the codes of the adult entertainment industry. However, she has managed to keep a secret side over the years, as very little is known about her: playing with social networks and giving news whenever she wants, the young woman has made her way in this very competitive X world. It must be said that her natural face, her dreamy curves and her very slutty side make her a real rascal that you absolutely have to have on your set. Originally from the north of England, she arrived in London to follow her boyfriend at the time, who was starting his studies in the British capital. A whisky fanatic, she can boast a very athletic physique, which she has largely worked on thanks to her numerous horse riding sessions, but also thanks to her assiduous practice of climbing, where she has even achieved semi-professional status. Possessing a very distinguished side, this English girl born in 1995 started like many others with photo shoots more glamorous than really porn: her very preppy accent, her piercing look and a real power of seduction make her a young woman with whom any performer would like to work... And if she can seem very bourgeois dressed, once naked, it's a completely different story: the sleeping volcano wakes up and an eruption of often hard sex happens! Object of fantasy for all her fans, the beautiful and very classy Honour May hasn't finished making her most assiduous fans dream... and even us for that matter!