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Kiki Minaj - TYJAM

Kiki Minaj


She is rather close to the truth when she explains that she was born to make porn: Kiki Minaj is a proven taste for sex, but also a constant need for attention on her person. Born in September 1984, Kiki lived a beautiful childhood, according to her, in Wolverhampton, England: she left to become an accountant in London, but she prefers to answer to a proposal for a rather mythical production, namely Playboy. It was her very first scene that she was offered to do, with another woman: it was then the revelation for the debutante, who even decided to go to Los Angeles to meet the actors of the scene and make herself known. Her assumed nymphomania and her ease in handling the hardest scenes quickly made her a recognized performer, which all American productions are tearing off. All the more so as her physique leaves you dreaming, with her bouncy ass and her angel face... Since then, she has been scouring the film sets, and managing her career without leaving anything to chance: as she explains perfectly herself, she loves to cook in her free time, and to stay at home reading a good book or watching a series of Chinese cartoons. Except that regularly, she leaves this rather quiet life to go out for swingers' evenings, with a certain preference for gang-bangs composed of 10 or more men! When they tell you that this little black bombshell is not like the others...