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Abby, 23, explores hard sex in all its forms! - TYJAM

Abby, 23, explores hard sex in all its forms!


Beneath her demure girl appearance lies a feline who easily competes with the most seductive naughty girls who have already graced the stage. Abby, a young woman of 23, lives in Brittany where she works as a graphic designer, even if her free time is dedicated to a much more energetic activity, namely showing off in front of her webcam in the evening. A beginner tennis player, the young lady always has to wait for her teacher, who is regularly late. But she spotted two handsome men playing on the field nearby, and who asked this pretty brunette to join them. After the game, the lady has another activity idea in mind, and doesn't have too much trouble convincing these studs to participate in a very hard sex session...

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