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Amity - TYJAM



Amity is the Australian hottie with an incredibly naughty temperament in private, but totally different outside. Originally from Melbourne, the Aussie girl is a young lady who defines herself as very open-minded, adventurous and above all a great fucker. Playful and eager to constantly develop her experience, she is however not a full-time actress, preferring to devote herself mainly to her activity as an escort girl, which is allowed in Wallabies' country. Sparkling and sometimes impertinent, she knows how to make amends thanks to her curves from another planet, with a Latin ass that would make any naughty girl from South America pale with envy. And even if she has a few tattoos, the young lady keeps a very attractive natural side, as well as an equally seductive bosom. What a shame not to see her more often in front of our screens!