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Barbie Sins


There aren't many British porn actresses who have made their mark in the adult entertainment world, let alone with the very bourgeois side of Barbie Sins. The English actress, born in December 1991, was not destined for a career in porn, quite the contrary. Coming from a well-to-do family, she devoted herself to horseback riding at an early age (where she even managed to win prizes in show jumping), when she wasn't going to attend a private boarding school. But like many of Her Majesty's subjects, she has a grain that makes her capable of doing totally unexpected things: yet from the English bourgeoisie, the little blonde with breasts that have become huge over the course of surgery, she started, to the great astonishment of her parents, stripping at the "Spearmint Rhino" club. With her physique, which had been worked on through long hours of yoga, and a strong character, Barbie Sins quickly made a name for herself in the world of adult entertainment. And all it takes is a friend of hers to offer her a shot at porn and the explosive blonde discovers a real talent for performance. Obviously, her azure blue eyes and her tiny ass wreak havoc right from the start, and the Briton soon discovers the film sets of famous productions, such as Brazzers or Private. Her very bourgeois style, her image as an inaccessible woman coupled with an undeniable slutty side make her a darling, she who has the ideal physique to play the naughty schoolgirl in particular. It won't be long before the first rewards fall, totally deserved in view of her involvement as an actress. But even though Barbie Sins is a well-known actress and an outstanding performer, she still has a lot of projects in mind, such as for example her "reconversion" as a presenter of an adult TV show. Luxury, rhinestones and sequins, the beautiful blonde loves it, and makes it felt on the sets, where she always gives her best, while keeping a terribly exciting elitist side!

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